Is there any "official" debugger for c++ in production?

Hi, I really love Atom, but i think it needs better support for C++ language, i am just starting to learn the language, i use atom for web developpement and i love it, but unfortunately i have to switch to VS Code to be able to have a debugger, as i said i tried a lot of package and few were good enought, like gcc-make or even the official linter is really good with clang, but i couldn’t find proper snippets for c++ and most importantly a debugger that is working for me.
So i am asking if someone knows if it will be a support or a package that it will be “finish” ?
I prefer atom but with VS Code i installed it, install 1 plugin and i am able to run a very good debugger, if i was good enought i would start to make one of course but i am not :frowning:
Thank you

Atom doesn’t officially support any language past the ability to highlight them, and that’s unlikely to change. If the VS Code community has better support for C++, then that might be what you have to use.

An earlier discussion raised the option of running Atom and VSCode in tandem to get the best of both worlds.
Provided that they refer to the same project directory you can toggle into VSCode for debugging and then toggle back to Atom for other tasks. They make good workhorses working together.


Thank you, sounds great (not for my pc performance) i will definitely keep an eye on it. Cheers

If you are really strapped for memory/cpu performance then tips such as this (in Linux) can optimise use of scarce resources. But also memory cards are low cost if you consider expanding.