Is there any helpful UI kit that can be used to create app in electron?


I want to create a desktop app using electron. Problem is, I am not much of a frontend developer and am having a lot of trouble creating a good looking app. Is there some UI kit or something else that will allow me to create the frontend easily? I dont want to use something like photon kit.


Why not? Photon is exactly what you’re asking for.


It gives it a very native look, like the app is a file browser.

I want the app to look like this dribble concept:


You can really use any front-end framework, but I’d say to check out Aurelia and Vue. They’re each relatively easy to get into and allow databinding and reusable components. TodoMVC is a tool for helping developers choose which framework they like the best.


One alternative is to look at the admin templates on themeforest. They do cost, but not much at all.


I would indicate the Photon, however you do not want it then indicate two open source templates, they are BlurAdmin and NG2-admin all developed by the same team and released under the MIT license. Follow the links:


Thanks for the reply. I liked ng2-admin and am going to go with that one.
Sorry for the late reply and thanks again!


Glad my review helped you.


It’s an old topic but yout themes @RodriguesCosta are Angular based and Frameworks cannot be used save in Electron far as I know.


really is an old topic but as far as I understood at the time was just what daemonslayer needed, but what do you need?


Is the combination of simple html/css templates with jquery the best for Electron or any Framework?


The best for Electron is to have a single HTML page that your application modifies with JavaScript. There are many ways to achieve that, and Electron supports them all equally.


I use now a simple html/css template with an Vanills JS routing system and jquery . Woks very well!