Is there any good-looking Windows Installer for Electron?


I’m looking for a good Windows Installer for my Electron app. I see many tutorials on YouTube but it’s doesn’t look fine at all (like silently, no asking users where to install files,…). I prefer the installer of Visual Code.
Any answer will be highly appreciated.
Btw, forgive for my bad English.


I know that Atom and Discord both use Squirrel.


Thank you! I will take a look.


electron-builder is probably the most popular solution to create installers for Electron apps. On Windows, it can create installers using NSIS, Squirrel, AppX or MSI.

If you want to create your own custom UIs, take a look at NSIS. Creating UIs for NSIS is fairly simple, all it takes is a resource hacker such as XN Resource Editor.


Thank you. I’ve used SFX auto extract exe file with modified with Resource Hacker and it work amazing.


Hi, I have tried electron-builder. It’s work very good, but why in non-English languages the setup showing the German?


I cannot answer this, I have never used electron-builder or similar tools.