Is there any autocomplete provider that provide suggestion with dot?


User requested, in fuzzy finder scoring, to give preference to candidate that match extension in query.
This seems to fit sublime behavior and I cannot reproduce desired ranking without this information.

For example, given query mf.h output this ordering

  • include/project/src/header/MyFile.h
  • doc/my_file.html

fuzzaldrin receive 0 information if a string is a path or something else.
there’s an assumption that slash in a candidate means folder/file.

Can we assume dot . in query & candidate to be an extension ?

Is there case where a package user of fuzzaldrin output a candidate with dot, without being a file ?
eg user type c.l because the trigger is console.log(

If those exist, I’d still like to test them, maybe it’s not too bad to assume the log part is an extension.


Have you tried using the “Use Alternative Scoring” option in the fuzzy-finder package?

It may give you better results.


Hi @leedohm I’m the author of that alternate scoring thingy :wink:
I’m however trying to further improve it, and I have received a request to be smart about file extension.

What bother me is that I do not have access to whether a completion candidate is a path or a generic string.
Curently we treat candidate with slashes as path.

I’m asking about candidate with dot.

Basically it is a question about your knowledge of the autocomplete-* ecosystem.
Or well knowledge of everyone here.


Ah yeah … your forum avatar doesn’t match your GitHub avatar. That’s what threw me off :laughing:

You might check the autocomplete-paths package, but other than that, I can’t think of any.