Is there any Atom Package Available for HTML formatting with keyboard shortcuts?



I just want to know whether any package available to format the HTML with keyboard shortcuts in coding. A plugin something like- select the text and press ctrl+shift+b to wrap the strong tag around.

Thank you

HTML wrap text with <strong> Keyboard Binding

Emmet sounds pretty close to what you’re asking about. It has various shortcuts to make writing HTML elements more convenient. Look specifically at its “Wrap with Abbreviation” feature – it’s a few more keystrokes than your suggested keyboard shortcut for wrapping in strong tags, but it can be used for any kind of tag.


On the flip side, one of our common debug questions is “Do you have Emmet installed?” I think it would be useful to have a simple package like @shrinitech is suggesting.


Is there out of the box support for wrapping html in a strong tag? Normally this is ‘cmd-b’ but mine opens up the fuzzy-finder instead. I tried installing atom-HTMLizer, which adds support, but it said it was incompatible with my version. Just wondering if it is my configuration at this point because this is hard to believe it is not set by default.


No, there isn’t out-of-the-box support for what you’re asking, hence the topics asking about packages for the feature.


@fseminario you might want to take a look at this, it’s a snippet you can put in that adds commands to wrap text in html tags (or anything, basically).