Is there any add-on to add a compile button?


hi everyone ,
is there any chance to add a compile button on status bar instead of pressing F5

thanks …


Atom doesn’t have any ability to compile code, so you must be thinking of a package that you have installed. If you identify the package, we can show you where to go to make a feature request.

Alternatively, if you are not married to the idea of the compile button being on the status bar, you can make yourself a toolbar with flex-tool-bar that has whatever buttons you want on it.


yes i mean the output console “xterm” . i guess i have to play with this more to get used to it. i’ll try flex tool bar see what can i do . thanks Scholar


Are you sure? xterm doesn’t have any keybindings connected to f5.


it’s default i havent touch the keybinding settings at all


Then it’s not xterm. You can find out what package is receiving a keybinding using the Keybinding Resolver.


[solved] i have dowloaded “command-toolbar” and added compile and run option in the toolbar it’s working well. thanks a lot for your help. :slight_smile: