Is there an offical plan to accelerate the startup time of Electron app?


Our company is about to use Electron to build our desktop app. But, our people are really worried abouth the noticable low startup time. It is really annoying.

I wonder whether there is an offical plan to fix it?


There isn’t an official plan to work on it, no. It is something the team cares about and would like to address at some point. We don’t have any ETAs on the effort currently.


I experience zero start up lag… Electron boots up instantly here and our game is yuuuge.


Really? What kind of App do you have there? I found Atom and Nylas N1 are both lagging at startup.


Thank you, looking forward to it


It probably depends on what you’re trying to do at startup. Use a small amount of html at startup and asynchronously populate the DOM for example.


Thank you. Yes, it is the solution.