Is there an easy way to disable Atom's auto-update without building it from source?


Due to auto-update, while developing a package, it’s hard to determine if a regression was introduced because I changed my code or because Atom auto-updated and made a non-backwards-compatible change.

It’s also hard to develop with a team of people because it’s hard to ensure that everyone is developing against the same version.

Also, I’m not convinced that apm is honoring the engines/atom part of package.json. Someone on my team reportedly installed Atom v0.124.0 and installed Linter, but that pulled in version 0.7.3 of Linter, which is "atom": ">=0.125.0" instead of version 0.6.1 of Linter, which is "atom": ">=0.110.0".

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I also saw the following in my console when running apm test on one of my packages:

Download completed to: file:///Users/mbolin/Library/Application%20Support/com.github.atom.ShipIt/update.aCRBVQD/download

It seems a little weird that auto-update can fetch while running tests (at the risk of making the test results less reproducible), but maybe it’s not a big deal.


As far as I can tell the “apm test” is actually calling to run the test so it is easy to understand why auto update & download happens at the same time.


Yes, I’m pretty certain the fix for apm to respect the engines/atom version was implemented after v0.124.0. I can’t dig into the repo right now to give you an exact version though.


@leedohm Well, that explains that. At least we’re not crazy.

We do plan to update to a newer version of Atom, but we need better test coverage in place to ensure that it’s safe. Though even once we do that, it would still be nice to disable auto-update so that everyone can develop in a consistent environment across a team.


I don’t believe it installs the update until you click the “Restart and Install Update” menu item though. So couldn’t you just instruct your people to not click the button? Also, if you want complete parity across the entire team … wouldn’t you want to disable updates of packages too?


@leedohm That is not what I am seeing. Maybe after v0.124.0 that is true?


I don’t know when the behavior would have changed … but I just tried it with v0.147.0 and it is still on v0.147.0 even though the v0.148.0 update has been downloaded, even after multiple restarts.


I have a similar question. When I clicked “update and install”, the program exits and restarts, but when I then check the version, it’s still the old one. More weird is that when I right click Atom icon on the dashboard and exit, it auto restarts! And I exit again and it auto restarts again. These repeat for 3 times.


+1 for ability to disable auto-update. From what I can tell, update happens on restart. I’m having a huge problem with 153, so I uninstalled and reinstalled 152. But as soon as I start the program, it begins to install the buggy new release. Any way, easy or not, to stop this behavior or at least pause/toggle?


It just auto-downloads the new release. There is no auto-update. You have to agree to update to the new version.


That’s not entirely accurate @leedohm - once you quit Atom, the update is applied. There is no option to quit and not apply the update.


I tested it on v0.147.0, exited multiple times (using the keybinding rather than the menu, if I recall correctly) and started Atom again. It didn’t update automatically. So perhaps using the keybinding to exit is how I made it happen?


Now that you mention it, I’ve seen that behavior too. I’m not a fan of disabling auto-update but I would expect the same behavior regardless of the method used to quit Atom.

So if there is a way to quit without updating, perhaps it should be made more obvious (Quit, or Quit and Apply Update in the menu, both with corresponding key bindings).


OK, hope it’s OK to revive this discussion.

Atom’s auto-update behavior differs from what I have come
to expect from such features. I would prefer to be alerted to the new
version and to approve the download and install of a new version, as
opposed to having it happen w/o my knowing.

This question was asked (and not resolved) in another topic: Is there an easy way to disable Atom's auto-update without building it from source?

Have I missed something or is there no way to disable or change the default download-and-update behavior?

Also, I just noticed a couple of odd behaviors
regarding updates: I launched Atom (v0.181.0) and it downloaded the
0.182.0 update. I quit w/o updating and then relaunched, at which point
it redownloaded the update. At that point, I quit again w/o updating
and relaunched, to find that Atom had installed the update w/o asking
me. Both times, I had quit Atom via Cmd-Q, not the drop down menu. Is
this the intended behavior?

This is quoted from my now-closed-as-duplicate topic at Auto-Update Behavior is Not Intuitive


I think this is a known problem with the messaging. The actual behavior is correct but the messages are wrong.


It is called an "auto-"updater after all. Given the name, I would not expect to be asked every time.
However, as an improvement, the option to be prompted first could put a few minds at ease.

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This is not what I’m seeing. I’m on v0.186 and it just did a complete re-download of the v0.187 update after I quit and relaunched. FWIW, I quit w/ Cmd-Q, not the menu.


+1 for providing an option to disable auto updates, or at least show a prompt before downloading. I’m on limited internet connection currently due to travelling and Atom eats a lot of my traffic by downloading updates silently.


+1 for this topic. Internet access is not always an unlimited resource. It’s a good option to be able to disable or provide a notification. I just noticed I got 1.0.4 and 1.0.5 without a clue. Makes it hard to know what version I was using when I was debugging third-party packages.