Is there an atom package that alerts for similar but non-identical variables?


I have realized that I often miss-spell variables names throughout my codes. I can’t find package that would alert me for similar variable names:

var someCoolName = 0;
//other code

function whatever(){


In this case, it would be helpful to highlight the similar names someCoolName and somCoolName.

Have you come across a package that does this or do you know of another tool that would help with this?


Have you heard of linters? They should alert you if you type a variable name that doesn’t exist, as well as keep your code looking nice. Since it looks like you’re writing JavaScript maybe try installing the atom-ide-ui, ide-typescript, and linter-eslint packages.

  • atom-ide-ui is the underlying UI
  • ide-typescript will give you warnings about compilation errors (what you’re asking for, and despite its name does not require that your code be TypeScript)
  • linter-eslint will also do that to some extent but additionally allows you to choose a code style so that everything is consistent (learn more at


It’s not quite what I was looking for. This allows to “find references” but I was looking for automatically highlighting undefined variables. But I figure that “strict mode” in javascript will solve this. Anyway, it would have been cool to have the editor take over this job.

Thanks Wliu


eslint does that but requires some configuration. Check linter-eslint readme under Using ESLint for more information.