Is there a way to set Atom to open new windows with the tree view closed to begin with?


Seems like Atom defaults to opening new windows with the tree view open. Is there a way to turn that off?


No, there isn’t currently an option for that. You could submit an Issue or Pull Request to add one though.


It’s been a while, but this would be an awesome feature.

I think most developers have some kind of “workspace” folder under which they have a directory tree for all the programming related projects. In addition, atom only gives access to all files in the root directory, there cannot be multiple root directories, so if i want access to all my stuff, i open atom in my “workspace”.

Currently I use the terminal to navigate around my file system and open atom on the locations i want.

  • With this feature, i could use atom instead and pop up a new atom editor in one of the folders.
  • In addition there could be a tree-view feature, that indicates all the folders for which a configuration was saved in “.atom/storage”


I suspect that Atom already provides the features you’re talking about @serapath. I occasionally use Atom to open multiple folders and then have it save the configuration to open the same set of folders again.

  1. Navigate to ~/Source/foo
  2. Open Atom with atom . — Opens Atom with ~/Source/foo as the single root folder
  3. Right-click on the tree view and select “Add Project Root” to add ~/Source/bar and ~/Source/baz
  4. Do some work
  5. Close Atom with Cmd+Q

The next time I open Atom with atom . from the ~/Source/foo directory it should open with all the same root folders.


No, I dont want multiple project folders.
I want just ONE project root folder per atom window.

When i “right-click” (or assign hotkey for that) on any folder in the “tree-view” i want an option to:
=> Open folder in new atom window


There should be an option in the context menu for that: “Open in New Window”


whoops. true. for some reason i was thinking that opens the file explorer, but it doesnt. ok my fault :confused:
thx a lot


Ok, but one thing would be great - if the “tree-view” could indicate folders for which saved views exist in ‘./atom/storage/’