Is there a way to search the "current" word


A great feature I miss from jed is being able to search the next occurrence of the word the cursor is currently on.

Suppose there’s a string like “foo bar” and the caret is between the b and the ar then to search for the next occurrence of bar by having to press cmd+F and type in “bar” followed by cmd+G.

Is there a neat keyboard shortcut for that?

If not, any hints on how I could build such a thing myself?


Also, in the example mentioned above, when I refer to “bar” I don’t want it to find “fubar” or “barometer”. Only “bar”.


cmd+d works fairly well for this. When you get to the occurance you want, just hit escape and left or right arrow.


@ianobermiller that works brilliantly! Thank you!
Now I just need to remember this and get it into my motor memory.