Is there a way to search for "syntax" and have it find the grammar settings in the command pallette?


I have never heard anyone refer to syntax highlighting as “grammar” so I can never remember what I’m supposed to look for to change the syntax highlighting.


Sorry for being pedantic and not actually answering your question, but what is happening is that the syntax highlighting is what you actually see, i.e. the colored text, which is defined by an underlying grammar. So, syntax highlighting can only be toggled on or off, and its grammar can be changed. This may help you remembering it.


At the risk of being even more pedantic…

I believe in that context that syntax is more correct than grammar. Also, Atom is the first editor I have used that preferred grammar to syntax for this type of setting. I know that coming from the editor that Atom is “loosely” based on, they use syntax, so when I couldn’t find it, I assumed that not every command made it into the command palette, and it turned me off of Atom.


I believe that you should interpret grammar in the computer science sense of the word, that is, “a well defined set of rules which defines a formal language”…


Coming from the 8 text editors and 3 IDE’s I’ve tried recently… and the screenshots of dozens of other things I haven’t tried… I think the vast majority of people have grown accustomed to “syntax” and expect it to either be called “syntax” or at least have a special case in place to catch their search for syntax and redirect them to grammar.


If you’re talking about setting the language package used for the highlighting of an editor, my set-syntax package adds commands to the Command Palette for this.