Is there a way to open command palette with some text with a shortcut key?


because i use rails transporter, there are so many commands/shortcuts to remember, i want to remap a shortcut to open command palette and insert text 'rails transporter: ’ .

it seems command palette can’t support this for now, no?

thanks !


No, it doesn’t support this … but the Command Palette is a fuzzy finder, so you don’t have to type in the text verbatim. For example, let’s say I’m looking for the Editor: Fold All command:

So maybe all you have to type is rt or railst to get to the same spot that rails transporter would get you …


i just don’t type it everytime when i need to call rails transport commands, just like i don’t want type snippets:avaible so i remap it to a shortcut key.

maybe we can extend command palette? but i don’t know how.