Is there a way to open an empty instance of Atom?


I’m looking for a way to open an empty instance of Atom, a new window with just
a single “untitled” file I can edit.

When I open Atom right now, it always loads the previously opened folder and files
and I have to issue “new window” to get what I want.

Is there perhaps a command which can do this from the command line, like
atom --empty or atom --new? I tested those at least, they do not work.

PS: What I want is essentially a notepad, where I can quickly type some text
to maybe copy somewhere and then throw away, that’s why I don’t want to load
my previously opened files. Another great feature would be a notepad mode
just like that, like atom --note, which opens an empty instance, but next time
you open Atom normally, it would still load your folders from the previous normal

I am on Elementary OS.


Windows user?
If so, try the following:

  1. Open Atom.exe
  2. Shift-Click on the same Atom.exe
  3. This should open an empty instance

(tested on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit)


Just type ‘atom’ in terminal and press enter.


I am on Elementary OS, typing atom in the terminal opens my previously opened
files in Atom.


did you try to type atom in the terminal while you have an instance of atom already open?


Typing atom in the command line when another instance of Atom is open works, it opens a new empty instance of Atom.

But that’s not really different from going “new window” in the already open instance.

What I want is a way for it to work when I do not have Atom open as well.