Is there a way to open a native window inside electron?


I want to do this for a plugin that I want to create with Atom in which my aim is to show an emulator that is ran from the command line inside the editor. Basically the workflow I want is to edit the assembly code for the emulator (In this case, Stella, for Atari 2600), and then show the updated code running inside the emulator that would be inside Atom.

Since Atom was created using Electron, I think that question can be asked here. Have you guys tried to open a native window inside an electron app? Is this currently possible.

Thanks for any insight!


Does your emulator have its own GUI window that you want to embed in Atom, or is it just a console app that uses stdin/stdout?


The emulator has its own GUI window. That’s what I want to embed


No, you can’t embed a native GUI window in Atom, nor Electron (not without modifying it anyway).