Is there a way to mark threads as "resolved"?

Is there a way to mark threads as “resolved”? For example, this thread:

refers to a bug that has since been fixed. Is there a way to make this clear in the title, or with a little icon or something? I pressed the “Flag” button but there was no choice to flag as resolved.


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Also I put a newline after that link, but it appears to have been stripped out. I would expect that either both newlines (before and after the URL) would be stripped, or neither.

Yes, typically if something is completely resolved then we try to close it. You can flag something as “notify moderators” and let us know that the bug is closed and that the topic should be too.

Sometimes the correlation between topic and bug isn’t so clean … maybe some other things were mentioned, maybe some other discussion was going on. In those cases, we’ll probably just leave it open … even if the topic gets old.

Typically in Markdown if you want there to be a separation, you use two newlines. From the specification:

A paragraph is simply one or more consecutive lines of text, separated by one or more blank lines. (A blank line is any line that looks like a blank line — a line containing nothing but spaces or tabs is considered blank.)

The other benefit you get out of that in the forum software is that you get cool Oneboxes like this:

There is a minor bug where new lines (not handled by default in Markdown) aren’t translated correctly in certain end of line conditions, like when the line ends in an URL. Cc @discourse1

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