Is there a way to make autocomplete show everything


I’ve become addicted to using the tab feature available to you inside the node terminal.

I type node
and then when I click tab I get a list of all possibilities, its quite amazing. Is there anyway to enable this behavior on atom?.. at the moment Im so addicted to the feature that I’ve just been coding in the node terminal environment then copy pasting the lines to the editor :-/


Do you know where to find documentation on the feature?


No, I just remember my entire life thinking “I wish I could tab through ALL possibilities” just to learn. and so i finally posted here about it since atom is my IDE :slight_smile:

I will look more into it when i wake up and post back.


What I’m unsure about is what you mean when you say “everything”. I doubt that you actually mean everything, because you’d never get anything done if you had to tab through the dictionary, the phone book, and the vocabularies of every foreign language in order to find what you actually wanted.

The short answer is that you can make autocomplete-plus list anything, but you have to be able to clearly define what those things are, and either write out a list or have a script that can write out a list. The only constraints are the user’s computer’s memory and your ability to tell the program precisely what you want to see.

If you can tell me what “everything” means, I can help you look for a package that provides it (my initial skim for “node autocomplete” didn’t return anything useful, however) or figure out how to build one (there are instructions on the autocomplete-plus repo).