Is there a way to display and edit .rtf or .doc files as normal text files in Atom?



I write in a program called Scrivener, which lets you split documents into lots of small chunks while you’re writing them and then compile them into standalone documents when you’re done. Between compiling them and actually using them, I’d like to be able to check and edit those files in a more traditional, if lightweight editor and Atom seems like a good fit for this.

Scrivener can compile into a plethra of formats, but since I want to be able to do an editing pass and then hand them off to another program, .rtf, .doc, and .odt seem like the best candidates. Unfortunately, Atom seems to more or less mangle all of those. I’d just use .txt, but I’d also like to preserve special characters and formatting.

Is there a way to get Atom to work with one of those file types or is there another file type that’s worth trying?


As a code editor, Atom works with plain-text files. Completely new functionality would be needed to handle rich-text documents.

Does Scrivener have the ability to compile into markdown or AsciiDoc? Both of those have support from Atom packages.


Ah. That’s a bit unfortunate.

It does have the ability to export to Multimarkdown and Multimarkdown to latex.