Is there a way to automate Haml compilation on save?


I use the sass-watch package in my Atom setup to handle Sass automagically. Is there a similar package for Haml files? Right now, I’m using watch in a separate terminal window, and it checks every 2s or so. But that seems inefficient. I’d much rather have it run when I save, like sass-watch.

Any ideas? I’ve looked through the packages, but there doesn’t seem to be one.


Must Have Packages That Don't Exist?

@aethant have you found something?


@aethant I see some plugins at that can be of help. Head over there and have a look. In fact with Grunt-contrib-sass plugin and a haml plugin, you can automate generation of SASS as well as HAML to HTML. By the way, have you looked at textile simple markup language. It is very easy to learn and use. You can produce very complex HTML pages and do pretty sophisticated stuff.