Is there a way to append files to .asar?


I just got finished building a little custom patcher with node / electron. Works great except…

I forgot one stupid mistake. :blush:

I cannot unpack .asar when my app is utilizing it! I’ve been just unpacking the .asar in a temp folder, downloading the new game files and then extracting them in that folder (patch then re-pack the asar); weird way to patch, but it works for me.

But, I totally forgot I wasn’t using .asar through the main app when I creating this. Now, my process doesn’t work because obviously you cannot unpack .asar when it’s in reading ‘locked’ mode.

So, I’m just curious if there is way to just append files to an existing .asar file already?

How to add resource file after packaging

Hey guys, it’s been about a month just curious if anyone might have any solutions? Still kind of stuck here.

I basically am trying to append files to an .asar archive (while it’s being read by electron) (maybe?).


There’s no supported way to append files to an ASAR.


Is it possible to create a new directory to store new files?
I’m developing a simple music app,but it is impossible to package all music into a ‘asar’.
Every time user listened a music,It needs to cache the music thus user can listen the cached music on the offline mode.
The problem is that I don’t know where to cache the music files.Is there any suggestion?


The app module provides several paths through the getPath method.