Is there a way to alter ctrl+left/right behavior to jump over whitespace?


I have been using editors like IntelliJ for a long time. Most editors I’ve encountered have a different ctrl+left/right handling than Atom.

Consider the following text (and the cursor here is |):

|var foo = 5

If you’d like to rename the variable foo to be bar, I’d normally press ctrl+right, and it’d move the cursor right next to the beginning of foo. Instead with Atom, the cursor annoyingly does not jump over the whitespace:

var| foo = 5

Also, in some cases with heavy punctuation and whitespace, it takes way too many ctrl+left/right to navigate through it. I believe this is caused by the same behavior I just described.

I just think Atom is too “careful” or “calm” for my taste. I’d like there to be an option to change this behavior.


Have you taken a look at the sublime-word-navigation package?