Is there a Security page/section for Atom?


I couldn’t find one in

I only found a couple threads in discuss about it, am I missing something?

Also important is that some of the info out there on Atom Security (for example talks about the past use of node-webkit.

Another case is 'what happens is somebody wants to report an issue with Atom or an an Package (i noticed the ‘Flag as spam or malicious’ link on the packages list, but I’m not really sure what it does and how it works)

There is also not a ‘security’ issue tag in the issues list (although there are a number of issues that come up if one searches for ‘security’

Are there any connections/relationships/contributions between Atom and the (that seems to be a great project)

If there isn’t a page on about Security, then what is the best way to do something about it? (open an issue and send it PR for it?)


I would assume the security is the same as in any other node app. I’m sure tons of info has been published on that topic.


It might help to know which specific security concerns you’d like documented.
Are they related to copyrights or rather authentication libraries or what have you?