Is there a REPL?


Trying to make a package for a library I’ve integrated into other editors. I’d really like a REPL like Sublime has with control+backtick, I found that so incredibly useful. I wind up wanting to answer questions like “what do I have access to here?” which currently is driven just by what I’ve seen used in the tutorial (actually, I just saw there is a link to the API at the top, I just missed it before, but still, a REPL would be awesome).

Or, for example, I can see that there is a log, so I could drop in print statements, except I can’t figure out how to tail the log.


There is the JavaScript console in the Developer Tools under View > Developer > Toggle Developer Tools. This is also where console.log() dumps to.

But if you are specifically asking for a CoffeeScript REPL, there isn’t one, no.


That’s perfect, thank you!