Is there a react-desktop like react-native?


We have react-native which has a mobile shell for iOS and Android ?
But Electron has a web shell using Chrome and Node

Why did Electron not go with the react-native route ? ie. have a native shell for windows and OS X desktop apps ?
Are there any projects which have a native desktop app + react bridge ?


The answer to the first question is simple: At the time electron was released (2013) there were no game changer like react-native and to use the Chrome VM seems a no-brainer at this time (with ignoring the drawbacks in CPU workload, Memory usage & Battery runtime).
My opinion on your last question: AFAIK there aren’t any. Except for MacOS: React-Native-MacOS (formerly React-Native-Desktop) . But since Microsoft supports Universal Apps it might be possible to use the original react native branch for developing Windows Desktop Apps. Just Linux is missing (but with android support of react native it shouldn’t be that hard and very possible in near future).


@deepak, there is a react-native-desktop project. Right now it is in development but basic React Native functionality already can be obtained on desktop.