Is there a place to download CSON for "Default Atom Keybindings on Linux"?


I am new to Atom, so please bear with me.

I just installed Atom on Mac, but I spend most of my actual development time in Linux. Since my fingers have memorized the Linux variants of copy-paste (one example), I’d like to make that my binding on Mac.

I recognize I can author the key bindings one-by-one, but I was hoping to find a single package (or CSON) of keybindings I could download en masse so I could quickly switch all my bindings to the usual Linux default set, but I haven’t found such a thing.

Is there a place I can find something like this? I’ve been searching the web and I’ve found lists of what the keys are, but not an actual cson file for the keybindings as a set.



The key bindings are spread across a bunch of packages. I think your best bet would be to write some code to dump all of the key bindings to CSON, load it into a Linux machine running Atom and run it from there. On the flip side, It will constantly need to be updated as you add or remove packages.


I’m a linux user that uses OSX at work. Therefore, using ctrl is ingrained in my mind so I switch the ctrl key and cmd key in the OS settings. I also adjust the keymaps to make the transition a little easier. Feel free to take a look at my settings and see if they help: