Is there a package to transform XML using XSLT?


Is there a package to transform XML using XSLT?

If not, I’ll create it, but just checking.


There is now an atom package to transform XML documents using XSLT:


When you install the package, where are you supposed to find it in Atom? I can’t find it and I would assume you could select your xml and xslt file to use.

I’m using OS X Yosemite.


Some documentation in the readme would be nice.


Thanks for the feedback.

I have updated the readme to give some instructions to use it with a couple of screen shots.

I didn’t put much around it originally, it scratched an itch for me at the time, and I wanted to share it with others.

Let me know if you need any more details. :smile:


Thanks for your recent updates to this! Could you please give a bit more detail about how to point to your external transformer? Where does this information go? I currently have an embedded copy (saxon.jar) of saxon in my Oxygen directory.


I’ll download oxygen and check what is needed to get it working.

Which OS are you using?


I use Windows 7.

I used the command line

java -jar c:/saxon/saxon9ee.jar -s:%XSL -xsl:%XML

having made a copy of the jar in its own directory for testing. Works on command line but not through ATOM.

Many thanks


You can use spaces in filenames by adding quotes around the parameters. Eg:

java -jar c:/saxon/saxon9ee.jar -s:"%XML" -xsl:"%XSL"



Did you get this to work? Noticing that on your java command you’ve swapped the XML and XSL input “files”.

java -jar c:/saxon/saxon9ee.jar -s:%XSL -xsl:%XML

should be:

java -jar c:/saxon/saxon9ee.jar -s:"%XML" -xsl:"%XSL"

(like russ said)