Is there a package to auto complete resources


Hey guys brackets editor i think has thins awesome feature where in say i have a style.css file in my css folder in my my index,html file i type

css/ there is a dropdown that shows all the files available in the css file. this would be really helpful , is this feature avaible in atom via a package ?? as i have come to realise that this is a huge timesaver.

Thank you.


Haven’t tested it, but this looks like what you want.


Wow ! perfect !! one more favor , just if you happen to know , how do i add javascript … just vanilla JS API to atom. IE extend autocomplete+ with the javascript DOM API in atom .

You’ve answred my query though , thanks alot , this thread can be closed now :smiley:

Thanks a ton as that plugin was really important to me :smiley:


In order to extend Atom, you have two options. Any code in your .atom/ file will be loaded when a window is initialized. You can also add a package to .atom/packages. The Flight Manual has a walkthrough of creating a package and there are a bunch of autocomplete extension packages that already exist, so you might be able to copy one and tweak it rather than making your own from scratch.


There is also this reference in the autocomplete-plus documentation on how to create an autocomplete-plus provider: