Is there a package that allows directly running a shell command?


Basically exactly like in emacs

M-! cmd RET
Run the shell command cmd and display the output (shell-command).

Where if you typed that keybinding and then ran something like


It would do it for you and show you the output.


Sounds like you’re looking for shell-it?


That’s actually amazing and I’ll be getting it haha, but it’s not quite what I was looking for. This package is more like this

I just want to be able to run any shell command, and see the output. For example: ls or make or something like that.


Maybe you want to submit a pull request to add the feature to shell-it? It seems a shame to install two packages to do almost exactly the same thing :grinning:


I do that by using shell-it in a new empty tab. What’s nice is that you can then edit it and save it if you wish. Sometimes for small output I just do it in the middle of the source I’m working on and then undo it.