Is there a package like JavaScriptNext?


As in

If no, how difficult would it be to port this over?


What parts of that package were you looking to have? Is it the syntax-highlighting support for the ES6 keywords? Or something else?


That was exactly it, the advanced highlighting.


Personally, I’d recommend opening an Issue on the language-javascript package to add support for the keywords you think should be supported. I don’t think a second package is necessary.


I’m dying to see a highlighting like this one in Atom!

Since Sublime is lacking in Support I’m looking for a new editor, and Atom looks awesome, however, I really need this highlighting.


Since my last post there have been 97 improvements to the language-javascript package, many of which were for better ES6 support. So if you haven’t given it a try, you might want to. If you have and there is still something missing, please submit an Issue and let us know what it is you’re still looking for.


You could try my package.


I believe that there were improvements. That’s not really my point though. I simply want color syntax similar to this:

Instead of what it is now:

As you can see, the first one has a lot more color in it and is more clear (in my opinion). Function names are green and the dollar sign for jQuery is also color-coded. Stuff like that.
But this is not the case in the current Syntax Theme.

The syntax highlighting in the first picture is called JavascriptNext from Sublime Text. It would be a really big help for me to get this in Atom. I simply can’t use the editor if the syntax highlighting is different than I’m used to.

Is it possible to convert it from sublime? (I’m a Windows user, so linux is not really an option).

I’m sorry if I’m picky, but if I’m gonna switch text editors, the syntax highlighting can’t differ from what I have in Sublime.

Could anyone help me with this?


Did you try gandm package (provided in the reply from him just before your last reply) ? I just gave it a try and it looks like a very good package. And most importantly it highlights the syntax the way very similar to what you want.


Wow, I did try, but totally forgot to restart Atom. The highlighting is now the same as in Sublime! Awesome!

Thank you so much for replying!

I now have this configuration, which works perfectly for me:

  • [Package] Language-Babel
  • [Syntax Theme] Monokai Flat
  • [UI Theme] Atom Dark