Is there a more powerful search/find package?


the find options in atom-ide out of the box are fairly limited. at least from what im used to in eclipse and intellij. Is there a “beefier” search package? something with more advanced options, selections, regex, search folders, code, search results window, etc.


I’m not sure what this is, so the following assumes you’re talking about core Atom (with the find-and-replace package).

Don’t know if these are different to what you list after

Not sure what this is. You can search in selection for the current file using the normal find and replace.

Same here, for file and project search

You can specify searched locations in the third row. E.g., !spec to not exclude the spec folder.

It will search either in the file (possibly limited by selection), or project wide depending on your search type

It will open a tab for the project wide search. Entire windows for results are generally not used in Atom.


great thanks. that should work for now.