Is there a method to import/export settings?


Hi all,
during the beta phase I would like to have the chance to import/export settings in case I have to reinstall the editor. I thought about a single file containing custom stylesheets, custom keybindings, general settings and installed packages.

Is there something like this?



All of the custom settings that you’re mentioning are stored in the ~/.atom directory, specifically:

  • Custom styles: ~/.atom/styles.less
  • Custom keymaps: ~/.atom/keymap.cson
  • General settings: ~/.atom/config.cson
  • Installed packages: ~/.atom/packages
  • etc

So if you zipped up the contents of the ~/.atom directory, that would achieve what you’re asking for. You might want to be a little selective about what you archived because some things that are stored in the ~/.atom directory aren’t really meant to be transplanted … say across versions of Atom.


Is there going to be a import/export feature, so we don’t need to worry about things in ~/.atom/ dir which might not work across versions?

it would be nice to be able to easily snapshot to and restore from github repo.


A version agnostic way to export/import settings would be golden! I’d like a way to sync my settings between my Mac and PC.


Syncing settings between Mac, PC and Linux isn’t the issue. I meant more like having different configurations and wanting it to magically know what applied or not. You can find many suggestions for how to sync settings between machines here:


There seems not to be a feature that I can export all keymaps including keybinding defined in the core.
Does anyone have any idea?


There isn’t a feature to export the keybindings defined in core, no. You could potentially query the KeymapManager and write them all out somehow.


I accomplish this using a couple bash scripts

atom utils

alias atom2drop="cp -r ~/.atom ~/DropBox/code/.atom"
alias drop2atom=“cp -r ~/DropBox/code/.atom ~/.atom”


I have created a symbolic link so I don’t need to bother with any command.

ln -s ~/Dropbox/.atom ~/.atom

Since I only use Linux & MacOS I can’t verify that something similar to this will work on Windows.


For Windows users, there’s a shell extension that creates a context menu item that helps with creating symbolic links.


Just backup these

For customization : (Manually)
github.cson (If configured)
And maybe there are other cson files that related to other plugins configs
so if you want to backup them is yours
Other Options is : Shells scripts made for this / Symlink / Alises shell / Dropbox and cloud storages