Is there a keyboard shortcut to jump to a method's definition?


As a newcomer from Sublime Text 3, I can’t seem to find a way to jump to the file and exact place (in the same project/directory) where I have defined a method.

It has to exist. Can anyone tell me the shortcut?


There’s Shift+Cmd+R to open the Fuzzy Finder and fuzzy search the project symbols. You have to generate a ctags file first though.


Is there a way to click on a word and then use a key to get that word’s definition instead of bringing up the finder?


I believe there are packages for that … but nothing built-in that I know of.


I suppose I shall have to learn what are ctags.


If I come across a suitable such package, I’ll post it here.

Jump to method definition

Howdy, I just stumbled into this thread and this package today:

I think the twain should meet : )

This package helps you auto-generate c-tags, creates nice keyboard shortcuts for jumping to method declarations and more.