Is there a JS Console in Atom


Hello. I am just asking if there is a JavaScript Console in Atom, so I can use console.log(); ?


View -> Developer -> Toggle Developer Tools


Thank You, but how do I run the code and produce an output?


What are you trying to do?


I am trying to run JavaScript code.


Drop the following in your and reload Atom.


You have successfully executed JavaScript. Huzzah.


I’m looking for something similar. I recently jumped from ST to Atom. I would like to execute a basic function from Atom editor and se the output. In Sublime Text you can create something like this with Build Systems. Is there anything like that in Atom? I will give you an example.


You could try script


script package build is failing, is there another one out there?


Try hydrogen and the ijavascript kernel.


You should have Git installed and in your path for script to install.


I’ve just come across this thread and thought if you are still wanting a JS console for Atom this might help you.



Hi. noob here…

  1. where is the installer package for atom-js-console?
  2. why doesn’t the package show up in a search within Atom – is the extension abandoned?

thank you!


It shows up for me. I just had to scroll down a ways.


Thank you. My error - When I searched, I was in the Packages section, not the Install section.


Not sure if you’ve worked out a great solution for this in the end – I was looking for a similar thing and worked out something pretty perfect.
I have Atom HTML Preview installed and when I open up the preview pane I right click and hit “inspect”.

It looks just likes chrome’s console and I just place right next to the preview.
It really works for me, let me know what you think!


Keep in mind that if you open the inspector anywhere else, it will reflect the contents of Atom instead of the page you’re previewing. If you suddenly see dramatically different results on opening it, that’s why.