Is there a full-text spell checker for prose text?


Hi all,

I have a question about spell-checking. It seems a trivial thing to want to do, but I can only get spell checking done in single words. Is there a way to get the spell checking done for the entire buffer (for a human-language ie English ?

Which package, if any, should be enabled for this ?


The default-installed spell-check package should already do this. By default it is active in Markdown, ASCIIDoc, plain text files and Git commit messages.


Thanks very much for the feedback. I needed it for a Latex document - assuming I need to enable that in the preferences of the package with text:latex?

Also, to actually run the spell check, it says that the command is ctrl-:, however, I can’t seem to run the full-text spell check.


If you enable it in the spell-check package settings, it’ll be full-time spell checking. You don’t have to press a key.


Hi @leedohm
Sorry to have taken a while to get back and thanks for the input. My problem is now that I don’t know the actual syntax to use in the grammar specification. How would one tell the spell checker to check a particular grammar - where is the syntax explained ?


You need the “scope name” that you want the spell checker to check. The scope name is listed on the settings page of the language package:

It’s just a comma-separated list of scope names in the Spell Check package’s settings.