Is there a favorites file type of package available?


Is there some type of favorites package available where I could keep a list of frequently accessed files? I have the “Open Recent” package installed which is very useful. But I’d prefer to have a list of favorite files that I can maintain.



There are a few, and you should try them out to see what you most enjoy. I personally use and have contributed code to project-viewer.


Thanks, I’ll check it out!


I installed project-viewer, and it looks very nice. Now what if I just want to create a project of commonly accessed files, what would be the best approach?



With how Atom is designed, each project has to have one or more folders. This is an architecture decision on the editor’s level, so a package isn’t going to violate that. Open tabs, unsaved files, and other state settings are remembered per set of folder paths. So if you want to create a folder of notes and stuff, that would be easy. You can also have open files from outside your project folder, but they won’t show up in the tree view and you’d have to remember which folder they’re associated with.

What I have is a couple of folders of text files for writing and a bunch of coding projects. Some of those coding projects have files that are persistently open because those are the ones I work on or refer to, so if I want to check out one of those files, I just click on that project and it opens up.