Is there a difference between autocomplete-plus and atom-ide autocompletion?


I’m not too familiar with Atom, which I have used on and off for a year. I’m now beginning to use the Atom IDE in the hopes of improving the development of JavaScript programs.

I installed the atom-ide-ui package as well as the ide-typescript one. One of my confusions at this point is that I understand that autocomplete is supposed to be more useful. I’ve always disliked how aggressive autocomplete-plus is, so I disabled it. But I wasn’t getting an autocomplete suggestions until I re-enabled it. Is autocomplete-plus supposed to be running along with the Atom IDE?


It goes something like this:

➔ Type in file
atom-ide-ui sends completion request to language server
➔ Language server return list of completions
atom-ide-ui interprets and sends them to autocomplete-plus
autocomplete-plus displays them

So yes, autocomplete-plus is the backbone of all the pop up suggestions you see.

If you want to disable the generic suggestions, unchecking the Enable Built-In Provider option may be what you want.