Is there a delay between switching tabs on windows 7?


I’m not sure if I’m the only one experiencing it, but w/ the cinst installation using chocolatey switching between tabs have this really bad delay to it. As if it’s trying to load everytime I switch tabs. It’s not a long delay, but you can feel it as you click on the tab.


Haven’t seen this, but my environment may not be comparable (Win8, built v119).
Couldn’t find any other topics or issues on the repo either.

Is it just the switching between tabs, or also launching, or opening files, anything else?


I too find tab switching in Atom to not be very responsive. I’ve just assumed it has to do with Atom being a big webview with a complex DOM as it seems to be tied to the tab content. Switching between empty tabs is pretty quick but switching to the settings tab or between tabs full of text is fairly slow.


So both: opening the Settings tab, and switching between already open tabs full with content, is slow for you, yes?

There is a difference between opening something and switching between already open tabs / panes.
I do see a delay in opening the Settings View, but once some tabs are open, switching between them is not a showing any lag for me.


I opened a large project folder and opening a few files to focus on and switching between two small files have a pretty 0.5second delay, it’s just not instant how Sublime text feels which is the only reason I can’t use this editor at the moment.


No, I mean switching to the settings tab even after it’s open. The initial opening of settings and non-empty files is even slower.