Is there a configuration option for large files?



when loading large files, atom gets too slow. And any change to the file, will halt atom for a long time. So I am thinking there is some configuration option that I am missing, b/c doesn’t have that issue. ( I am not using view-tail-large-files b/c it’s deprecated and search doesn’t work in it)

atom --version:

apm --version:
apm 1.0.5
npm 2.13.3
node 0.10.40
python 2.7.9
git 2.6.1

on Ubuntu 15.04



No, there isn’t a configuration option for large files. Atom already turns off certain features in large files to help optimize performance. From what I understand though, it still has problems with files that have gigantically long lines like minified JS.


There is atleast one line 579 column wide, that could be it.