Is there a "clean" or 'clean' function in Atom?


As my extensive app grows continuously it takes more and more time until the simulator opens after executing ‘rake’. Meanwhile 75 seconds on a fast MacBook Pro.
That makes sense.
However: After having restructured, repositioned and renamed about 20 folders in my last session it would stop in the middle of the rake process.
When trying to just renaming a few folders the simulator opened, but it took 120 seconds.

As apparently these changes cause additional processing when executing ‘rake’ I wonder if there is a sort of ‘clear’ or ‘clean’ function which deletes disturbing parts of the app’s history.

Even though I had the impression that ‘Clear History’ would not do that job I tried it. However, executing it seemed not to cause any effect, neither ‘file / reopen project / clear project history’.

I’d be grateful for any help. Thanks!


I can’t find any command called “rake” in Atom, or a simulator. Can you provide more details about what you’re doing / trying to do?


Thanks for your question and apologies for not being clear!
I am writing the code for the app in RubyMotion, using Atom which I open with he terminal. When I write into the terminal ‘exec rake’ the simulator window would open.
I thought it was a question which I should post in the Atom forum not the RubyMotion forum.


I don’t know anything about Ruby, but I highly doubt that it remembers the previous state of your application without telling you. That would be shitty behavior on the part of the interpreter. This is definitely a Ruby question and you should ask Ruby experts, not Atom experts.


Thank you for your advice!