Is that possible to let user choose where to install an Electron App on Windows?


I have tried several Apps listed on Electron website on my PC. I found they all AUTOMATICALLY install themselves somewhere, I wondered wheter it is possible to let user choose where they want to have the app installed on PC?

Thank you very much


Yes, it is possible for Electron app installers to be designed that way. Many Electron apps use Squirrel as the installation/update system, which installs in a specific location on Windows.


Thank you. Dose it mean we cannot use the Squirrel Auto Update function if we let the user choose where to install the app?

We really like the idea of Squirrel. You know, it would be really cool for a desktop app using rapid development method.


That’s something you’d have to discuss with the Squirrel maintainers. I’m afraid I don’t know enough of the internals to answer that question.


Thank you for you help :slight_smile: