Is someone willing to help a novice?

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I would not recommend building a database for your first site, or even building it in raw HTML. There are plenty of ways to simplify the process and avoid having to code everything for yourself. If you’re looking for a self-hosted solution, Wordpress would be very low-maintenance and give you prefabricated everything (which you can tweak as much as you like, but you wouldn’t have to master all the code in order to have a functional site). If you don’t want to host it yourself, Squarespace and Wix have decent options for building informational sites.

PS. I removed the category since the #themes section of the forum is for talking about themes for Atom, not general website discussion.

I’ve tried Wix. I’d rather set myself on fire than do that again.

How would Wordpress make this easier?

Are there plug and play nodes? Pre made page themes? That would make this easy for me.

WordPress gives you a very intuitive interface for adding content pages, both blog posts and static pages. It has a huge library of extensions and themes built by the community, so you’re guaranteed to find prefabricated elements that you can put together. That’s the fastest way to get your idea up and running.

Just to followup about this post @Ofahn, though there are super helpful community members here willing to share advice, this message board is best for questions more specifically related to Atom. If you’d like general help with the project you’re working on, I think there are likely better sites and resources available - one I’ll recommend is the GitHub Community Forum, in particular the “Project Development Help and Advice” board:

That space is specifically for project help and advice from the larger GitHub community so it could be a useful resource for you.

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Thank you for your kindness, but I think my time is better spent someone else.