Is Selection | Split into Lines working with React?


When I try to use it on a large block of text I get errors saying:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'getBufferPosition' of undefined /Applications/
module.exports.Editor.getCursorBufferPosition /Applications/
module.exports.CursorPositionView.updateCursorPositionText /Applications/
(anonymous function) /Applications/
jQuery.event.dispatch /Applications/
elemData.handle /Applications/
jQuery.event.trigger /Applications/
(anonymous function) /Applications/
jQuery.extend.each /Applications/
jQuery.fn.jQuery.each /Applications/
jQuery.fn.extend.trigger /Applications/
module.exports.React.createClass.componentWillUpdate /Applications/
ReactCompositeComponentMixin._performComponentUpdate /Applications/…:1255
ReactCompositeComponentMixin._performUpdateIfNecessary /Applications/…:1207
Mixin.perform /Applications/
ReactComponent.Mixin.performUpdateIfNecessary /Applications/


Define “large block of text”? I just tried it with 10 lines and it worked fine. Then I opened (over 1500 lines) and the editor just spun. Tried it again with only the first 100 lines and it worked fine. At no time did I get an error though.

Can you reproduce this with atom --safe?


I’ve just tried it on exactly the same content (150 lines of git lol output) and it worked fine. I have restarted Atom since last time, so maybe it was something funky hanging around. I know if I have a problem again, just to restart.

Hopefully though the stack trace may help some developer see what was happening…

Thanks for your reply.