Is my autocomplete broken?


Hi there,
I’ve come across an issue with Atom’s autocomplete on HTML that I’m not sure is default functionality or if it’s a bug.

I’ll start typing a tag, the suggestions list will come up, then I’ll hit enter but nothing happens.
Compare that to Sublime, where if I start typing, I’ll get the suggestions, hit enter, and it will complete the tag and put my cursor in-between them.

Here’s some gifs of what’s going on:




According to this gif from this blog post it seems like it’s supposed to work about the same as Sublime, but it’s not for me.

I deleted my .atom folder to try and fix it, but I’m still seeing the same broken autocomplete behavior.


The situation where atom would complete stuff before and after the cursor is called a snippet. You can recognize it with the green arrow.

When the autocomplete only show div with the red <> then that’s a normal autocomplete, meaning it’ll insert what you see.

Is it possible you have disabled snippets ?


Just try typing div and hitting tab, rather than <div.

The snippets only trigger on unbracketed tags.


Wow thanks! Not what I was expecting, but it works perfect.


In the autocomplete-plus package setting you’ll find an option to change the confirmation keybinding:


Thank you so much just helped me out big time. I’m switching from old Notepad++ to something a little newer