Is it worth for me learning Electron for Embedded Electronics related applications?


Who am I: I’m a currently working in ventilation systems engineering, my main area of focus is the autonomous ventilation systems - I’m working with the configurable industrial controllers (Corrigo, etc.) and PLC’s (Unitronics), and build the electrical system to power and actuate the mechanical components of ventilation systems (for both standalone systems and system networks). My academic background is MEng in Robotics and Cybertronics.

What I’m interested in: Over the last 4 years I’ve been doing a lot of embedded electronics, the most interesting platforms for me are mBed and Arduino. I’ve completed multiple complex Arduino projects, throughout the latest one I’ve designed (both software and hardware) a ventilation system controller on ATSAM3X IC base (uC of Arduino Due). I managed to design and produce professional PCB and enclosure and actually did sell multiple controllers to the clients that were not able to buy an industrial controller.

Web design: I also do have some experience in web development. I’ve gained some HTML and CSS experience while I was making websites a while ago (CMS of course).

Why do I think I need Electron: Firstly, for IoT applications. Recently I came across multiple examples, where people did interesting things with Arduino and ESP8266. Namely, stuff, where ESP8266 is used to create a server, and then the Arduino, is controlling the server by sending simple AT instructions to the access point (ESP8266) and receiving GET requests from the web page. All that’s needed is an Arduino, ESP8266, jQuery, and an HTML file. The process is better explained here: .From what I see, I can use Electron to create a dedicated desktop application for such things (the idea is to have a professional looking desktop application instead of simple HTML file that has to be opened in the browser). The other area of interest is applications involving serial hardware control. The idea is to create applications that will access the serial port of a PC to manipulate the data from microcontrollers, possibly creating interfaces, etc.

PS. I do have the time to invest in javascript learning, and HTML and CSS polishing.

So, is it worth it?