Is it possible to uninstall default packages that comes with atom?



Is it possible to uninstall default packages that comes with atom?


Why don’t you simply deactivate packages you don’t need?

In theory, disabling the default packages is possible, but I think it’s not very applicable:

Custom Atom version

Building your own custom version of Atom is probably the easiest option. You basically edit packageDependencies in package.json to suit your needs, then build Atom. From my own experience, building can take very long (30-50 minutes, if I remember correctly) and you have to repeat this for every new version of Atom.

Edit app.asar

I have never tried this, but I think you could modify app.asar (the archive that includes all of the default packages), unless Atom performs a CRC. That means extracting that file, deleting all undesired packages and package the file to replace the original. And you would have to repeat steps with every new version of Atom. I don’t think it’s worth it.


Yes I agree. This should be a solution.
Some core packages are deactivated on my system with no ill effect.

There were some issues where Git related packages was at fault.
The issue got resolved by deactivating the troublesome core packages.

Others are deactivated to get better system performance or those clash with community packages.

If however you wish to reduce the footprint of the Atom install to make a lighter weight install…
best to have help from experts like @idleberg at hand.