Is it possible to set host-specific settings in config.cson


Hi there,

I am using Atom on several machines. In general I want to have the same config.cson for both machines, especially for regular workflow settings (tabs/spaces etc.) and my spellcheck-dict. So I version-control and link it to the respective user-folders ~/.atom on each machine.

However the machines require few settings to be different, e.g., the font-size due to the display capabilities. So atm I have to have multiple config.json files that I merge manually from time to time.

Is there a way to set hostname-specific settings? I think of something like:

    audioBeep: false
    fontSize: 20
    fontSize: 15

Thanks in advance.


If you version control with git, you could keep them as separate branches. Given the infrequency of changes to config.cson, if I were using your setup I would just copy changes manually. Over an SFTP connection, it would just take a few seconds to paste over some changes and that’s unlikely to be done more frequently than every few weeks. The thing I would be worried about is forgetting, but then I might write an routine to watch config.cson and notify me when it changes.


Thanks for your reply.

I simply have them im git side by side and merge changes with meld. So they diverge over time and every other week I merge. The init-idea is something I will check out though.

Apparently this file changes very frequent, because of the manually added known words for the spell checker. These are stored in that file.



Ha! Your pushed me in the right direction :grinning:

I unified the config.cson for all machines and will now use machine-specific scripts to set the special properties.

For my font size issue this was a mere:

# Your init script
atom.config.set('editor.fontSize', '20');

Thanks a bunch!


Glad you found something that works.