Is it possible to render OpenGL via a PPAPI plugin?


I’d like to explore the possibility of having complete control of rendering to a rectangle within an Electron app (via OpenGL or DirectX or Metal). Pepper plugins (PPAPI) seem like a feasible approach at first look, butI need a sanity check.

Am I crazy? If not, does anyone have a sense of the overhead of communicating graphics via PPAPI (assuming it’s an in-process plugin)?

I don’t want to use canvas or WebGL. I’m well aware of their power, but they don’t fit all needs.



It is possible to render through native graphics API (And yes just use Pepper for it). We’ve been research a lot on this, it is even possible to embed the native renderer viewport inside your Electron Window.

However the communication between html (UI) and the native window is not trivial, you have to wrap lots of code to make them work together. I didn’t try that deep.