Is it possible to include the Atom into another software package?


I really love to work with Atom. But for some stuff I do on my machine it is required to write the code in the internal editor of a program. In this specific scenario it is a 3D modelling software package. The code editor is very limited in it’s capabilities. Cause it is not the core functionality of the program. But it also means that it slows me down during my work cause of the lack of autocomplete, color schemes and all other kind of things Atom makes my workflow so sweet.

I know that both the 3D modelling software (Blender) and Atom are open source, which means the source code can be combined. I just don’t know where to start my research on how to do this. Can you provide me a starting point to index the requirements for such a hybrid build? I am a web developer and I have no basic understanding of how desktop applications are build (other then with Electron).


You’re thinking too big. You don’t need to combine Blender and Atom. All you need to do is figure out how to set up Blender so that, instead of opening its internal editor, it makes a call to your system shell to open the code directory in another program, like Atom. You might also need to find someone who has written a few Blender scripts. The Python API seems like it should be capable of what you want, but the documentation is dense and jargony enough that I don’t feel confident in my ability to piece together a solution without actually using Blender.


Hi @JeffreyArts,

Have you seen or tried the following …

Use External Tools (External Editor):

That should help your efforts in using – Atom + Blender.


I have no idea why I was thinking so complicated. Must be getting ill I think. The problem was that it is annoying to have to cmd+tab between windows the whole time since I do not have an external monitor to put screen beside each other. And putting them both next to each other makes the Blender UI impossible to work with because all window elements would be clustered together. x

But with Blender you can just remove windows, so this “problem” can be easily surpassed.