Is it possible to highlight lines above a certain character width?


Hi. I see that Atom can tell you how many characters wide a given line of code is. Is there a way to specify a threshold for line width, which when exceeded triggers highlighting of the offending line? I’m attempting to implement the suggestions in Martin’s Clean Code. This seems like it would make it a little easier.

If this doesn’t yet exist, I’d be interested in contributing to this feature in some way. Please describe the process of developing a feature/package for Atom.



You can do what you ask for, however it might be easier to make use of a package that does something similar. The built-in wrap-guide package will draw a line at the point where the Preferred Line Length setting (found under File -> Settings -> Editor) dictates. The default is 80. Does that solve your problem?


Ok! Thanks for the reference. That works well enough for me.


Good deal.