Is it possible to have two windows in kiosk mode?


I’m trying to write an application that launches two separate html documents fullscreen, each one on a different monitor.

I am able to set browser windows to open on different monitors, using the screen api getAllDisplays method, and setting the windows to the bounds of each display, but as soon as I try to force the windows into kiosk mode or fullscreen mode I am having problems - kiosk mode causes a crash, and in fullscreen mode one of the windows gets lost.

Is there a way to do this?



Hi Sam,

I know you probably aren’t looking for a commercial solution, but KioWare does allow you to set up full screen browsers on separate monitors. You’d need the Basic version (Lite doesn’t support additional monitors), but it would solve your problem.

If this isn’t useful, and you’d rather continue to work through things with a programmatic approach, which browser control are you using, IE or Chrome?

  • Lynn

(Full disclosure: I work for KioWare.)